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We moved my mother and father from Eastern Oregon due to failing health. They really needed extra care that we couldn't give them at the time. My mother passed away just shortly after they moved into Alpine Meadows suffering from extreme health problems. My father too had some very acute issues that he was dealing with but with the love, compassion, and great food he was able to regain most of his health that an 89 year old man has.


We have been to many facilities similar to Alpine Meadows but didn't feel the warmth and compassion that we found there. It is small enough that the staff is able to respond to the needs of the residents almost immediately. My father became very involved with the outstanding activity programs and has many friends who reside there. There were several fixes that had to be done for my father to make him more comfortable and safe in his environment and the administration and caregivers were always there to make them happen. My father is a World War II veteran and the nurse worked very closely with the Veterans Administration in providing for my father's needs.


We will be ever grateful to the staff at Alpine Meadows for the caring, loving, compassionate care that has been given to my father and mother. They are simply the very best in these regards. —Ronald & Cheryl Fuller, Meridian

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