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You may not realize, but you probably spend more money living alone than you would if you moved to Alpine Meadows. Paying for rent / mortgage, groceries, utilities, etc. adds up and can be costly. You should consider moving to Alpine Meadows where most of these expenses are taken care of.

Are you ready for assisted living?

Taxes and senior living

Here's a checklist to help you decide on whether you're ready to live in an assisted living facility.


1. Are you hesitant to drive at night?


2. Do you occasionally forget to take your medication?


3. Do you find it difficult to maintain a social life?


4. Is it a struggle to do house work, yard work, and home repairs?


5. Do you lose track of when bills should be paid?


6. Is your home not as neat and clean as it once was?


7. Do you have difficulty scheduling or attending doctor’s appointments?


8. Have your driving skills diminished?


9. Do you have a hard time remembering recommendations from your physician?


10. Do you feel lonely, bored, or restless?


11. Has preparing three meals a day become too much to handle?


12. Do you require assistance with things that you need done on a regular basis?

You may eligible for certain tax deductions based on the level of care and types of services you require. If your adult children are paying for your care, they may also qualify for a deduction.


Alpine Meadows does not give tax advice and recommends consulting with tax advisor.

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Save money when you come to Alpine Meadows

See if you're ready to make the move into an assisted living facility with our checklist.

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